India -
I Inspiring
N Noble
D Delightful
I Impeccable and
A Astonishing

India is simply a country which contains its description in its basic motto which says- "Satyamev Jayate" i.e. Truth alone triumphs.

If you are in India, you have put your legs on the abode of the heavenly. There is piousness in every bit of this country. History has witnessed many great personalities coming to India to seek a moment of solace and to feel relaxed.

India, as a whole, is all about peace, sharing love and the most important- 'being kind'! In spite of cultural and linguistic variedness all over the country, people of India feel connected to each other in one way or another...

India is the richest country when it comes to varying degree of climatic and topographic features- YOU DONT NEED A CAMERA TO CAPTURE ALL THESE, BECAUSE  THEY GET PERMANENTLY STORED IN YOUR HEART ONCE YOU GIVE A LOOK TO THEM!

Have you ever seen a country which has 4 different season in 4 different parts of the same country in a single month? Have you ever heard of a country which has such a huge community diversity and everyone living with great harmony and brotherhood? Or, have you ever been to a country that treats GUESTS like GOD and says 'Atithi Devo Bhavah'?

The answer to the above questions must be a "NO" if you haven’t visited India.

India has a lot more to explore! Even Much more than you can ever think...!

Visit the majestic Himalayas...that remain snowcapped all-round the year making 'white' as your favorite color! Take a bath in the Ganges and you will get to know that it takes just a 'dip' to get rid of all your worries and you will feel light as never before!

There are some of the finest architectural examples like the legendary Wonder of the World - The Taj Mahal and also the Great Caves of Ajanta and Ellora...

India is no less close to nature, either visit Jim Corbett National Park to witness the 'fast and the furious' wildlife and predator prey interaction... Visit Koeladeo and witness that '1000 shades of Yellow and Red' that turns live by the huge some varieties of sweet little chirping birds that inhabit this place.

So pack your bags with fun, excitement and thrill & Go 'desi' with India!

India is just perfectly awesome! :)

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