Refund and Cancellation

All cancellations should always be sent by email and kindly also fax a copy of the letter to avoid any date disputes later. Cancelling the tour anytime within 30 days prior to commencement of the tour will result in forfeiture of 100% of the tour price excluding airfare.

Cancellation at any other time before that time period would attract a minimum charge of 250US$ per person or 30% of the tour value whichever is higher (Adults and children). In case of luxury train tours and cruises, package airfares, etc. the cancellation policy of the Railway Authorities or concerned departments / companies / airlines will apply. You also confirm that in the case of no deposit being made for a confirmed tour and / or balance not paid before 30 days of the tour commencement (for whatever reasons like the special arrangement could be credit card guarantee, etc.) that gets cancelled, the above will still apply and you would send us the cancellation charges on good trust or the credit card guarantee will be charged. Note that once a tour is cancelled if there is any credit towards the booker’s (read “client”) account then the same is refunded as soon as possible but always within the same financial year (April to March).

Changes in Tour Plan: India is a vast, diverse and intense country. At times there are situations where flights and trains get cancelled / delayed / rescheduled due to bad weather and or other problems like local unrest, strikes, natural calamities, etc. Under such conditions we always try to advice on the best route possible and we even consult you. It is to be noted that though we try our best we do not commit any refunds whatsoever for unutilized services due to unforeseeable reasons like this. If for whatever reasons the guest (read client) changes the tour plan while on the tour no refunds or adjustments are possible in most cases. Yes, we do try our best in these cases also and most of the cases if we have not paid for the services already do adjust the same too but in lot of cases this becomes impossible – so please bear with us. At the same time if because of any of the reasons mentioned above we need to buy fresh air tickets and book hotels or make any arrangements the same will be charged as applicable and payable by the traveller.

If by any chance the traveller changes the tour plan while traveling then we would be charging for all new services and hotels as per the changed plan. We will try to adjust the pre-paid part being changed with the new part but again we do not commit the same since most of the services will be pre paid for to the suppliers like the hotels, transporter, guide, etc.

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