North India

New Delhi:

New Delhi the capital of India is one of the most charming & happening place in the world. With thousands of sightseeing places like India Gate, Red fort, Jama Masjid and of course The Connaught Place. This city has been beautifully planned with extra greenery to suite your eyes! Delhi is surely the travelers delight.


Jaipur the largest city in the state of Rajasthan is rich in heritage, culture and architecture with splendid forts, palaces, temples and beautiful quiet havelis. Apart from these captivating attractions, Jaipur also shows exquisite craftsmanship and stunning jewelry. These intricate artworks give life and color to the uniqueness of this pink city. In addition, the serenity of lush gardens and floral variety gives us fabulous scenery.


Agra “the love city”, “the wonder city” or the “Taj city” whatever you call- it mean the same, the wonder of the world – The great Taj Mahal, which is perhaps the world’s largest token for love. Visit the massive structure master piece to explore the white marble mausoleum which is the pinnacle of architecture. Apart from Taj Mahal, Agra also has some other place of attraction like Agra Fort and Buland Darwaja.


Khajuraho Its name comes from the word Kajur in Hindi language which means 'date palm". Here we can see the largest set of Hindu temples of the country, famous for their erotic sculptures (famously known as Kama Sutra). The entire area is walled, with eight doors that allow the entrance to the complex. Each one of these doors is flanked by two palm trees. Originally there were about 80 temples of the remaining 22 in a good state of preservation.


Varanasi is just abode of Gods. Located on the bank of holy river Ganga, religious souls from all over the globe gather here to take a holy dip into its sacred water. There are hundreds of ‘Ghats’ (embankments) there on which rituals are performed every evening. The mystifying spiritual essence in the air will surely make your mind pious and afresh.


Founded in the mid-18th century, Mandawa is a town inhabited by wealthy families and dominant merchants. There are many havelis adorned with beautiful wall paintings. However, over time, traders moved to other areas, leaving the havelis in the shadows of anonymity but the magnificence of these havelis did not diminish and now have become a major tourist attraction of the city.


Bikaner also known as the “country of camels”, is located in the north of Rajasthan. It is a fortress city built from red sandstone and surrounded by medieval walls. The city has amazing dunes and a beauty story that reflects the lifestyle.


Also known as the Golden City, Jaisalmer lies in the heart region of the Great Indian Thar desert. It is the best option to choose from if you want to witness & explore Desert life. The finely sculptured houses and temples are the major center of attractions too. Do a camel safari and see the sands change color with every passing hour.


Jodhpur also known as the “Blue City” is home to the daring Rathore Rajputs. Situated in the desert of Thar, the splendor that Jodhpur exhibits in its temples and palaces is what transforms it into a chaotically charming city.


Ranakpur is located in a shady valley surrounded by lush green forests, to the north of Udaipur, in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is one of the most beautiful white marbled Jain Temple complexes in India and one of the five major holy places of Jainism.


Lake Pichola, Fateh Sagar Lake, Udai Sagar Lake, Swaroop Sagar… and the list of lakes in this city goes to infinity! Often referred to as the ‘city of Lakes’, Udaipur is located in eastern Rajasthan. With heart throbbing Palaces all around the city, Udaipur is a major tourist destination of India. “Dudh Talai” & “Gulab Bagh” is a must watch for nature lovers.


Pushkar is one of the five sacred Dhams (Pilgrimage Sites) of Hindu devotees. Pushkar basically relates it’s past and present with God Brahma. Apart from the religious value this place possesses, Pushkar also sees a large gathering of around 50000 camels in the month of October for the Great Camel Fair. Camels are decorated with Great interest and are traded. People can also do the camel riding to witness and explore the Great Thar Desert.


Basically Chittorgarh is a historical place commonly known as epitome of Rajput Pride, Romance and sacrifices. The places of interest include the fort of Chittorgarh which is also known as “water fort” as it has 84 water bodies and the Tower of Fame. It also has some magnificent palaces like Rana Kumbha Palace, Padmini Palace that provide excellent sight-seeing.


Goa located on the west coast of India, is a former Portuguese colony with a rich history with a unique blend of Portuguese and native culture.

The beauty of the magnificent scenery and the architectural splendors of its temples, churches and old houses have a favorite place among the travelers from all over the world.


Soothing weather, sea beaches and a fabulous metropolitan city with magnificent nightlife- Mumbai! -The hotspot for tourists- is all about falling in love with this city. The more time you will spend here, the more will get connected with it!

From Juhu Beach to Marine Drive...from Gateway of India to the Prince of Wales museum Mumbai is surely a visitor’s delight.


Imagine- A city with spellbound beauty, with Houseboats in alluring lakes and a sense of chill in the environment!

That’s what Srinagar is all about!

Popularly acknowledged as “Venice of the East”, Srinagar is a go-got to for souls who want to get closer to nature. With Dal lake and Shalimar-Nishat Garden around, Srinagar becomes the perfect tourist spot that will not only provide you a sense of refreshment but will also fill you a sense of peace by the cultural value this place possess.


Suppose you park your car near a large rock peace. No sooner than you get out of it, the car starts drifting towards that rock!

Want to witness that so called “Magnetic Hill”?

Visit LEH!
A mountain dominating city situated in Northern part India, Leh is famous for masterpieces like Leh Palace, Siachin glacier and not-to-forget-MAGNETIC HILL!


Manvar, situated in the Thar Desert area of western India, is one of the best destinations in India to explore desert life!

Camel rides in dusky sunset are just miraculous. You can enjoy the local folk songs that the inhabitants of that area hum in the nights. Spicy, tongue titillating foods made by the locals are worth to give it a shot!


Referred to as the “Golden temple of the west” Amritsar is a major pilgrimage center for Sikh devotees.

You can also visit WAGAH-BORDER there that demarcates India and Pakistan.


Built on and around five hills, Dalhousie is the perfect hill station for you if you want to get rid of killing summers!

With excellent accommodation facilities, Dalhousie provides mesmerizing scenic views.


Situated in the lap of Aravalli hills, Ajmer is the major pilgrimage center of Muslims.

Other center of attraction is the ‘Anasagar Lake’.


Acknowledged as “Valley of Gods”, Manali is a hill station located in mountains of northern end of Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh.

Manali is just breathtaking. On one side you can do trekking to Rohtang pass while on the other side if you are cameraholic you can try your hand on that picturesque location!


Bundi is basically surrounded on three sides by the majestic Aravalli hills. A massive wall with four gateways surrounds this city. This place has many renowned temples too. Taragarh Fort, Bundi Palace and the Nawal Sagar Lake are the places of main interest in Bundi!


Get a ski board, goggles and a hooded jacket and glide through the white stretches of Gulmarg!

A hill station and a popular skiing resort, Gulmarg remains snowcapped almost throughout the year.

For those want to see their adrenaline in action- Gulmarg Gondola is for you which is the second highest cable car in the world. From December to February you can also witness heavenly snowfalls.

St. Mary’s Church, Alpather Lake, Gulmarg Golf club are also worth watching.


Also acknowledged as the ‘gateway to the Himalayas’, Rishikesh is pleasingly located where the holy river Ganges flows down the lap of Himalayas.

The famous Four-Shrine –Sacred-Journey of India ideally begins from Rishikesh. Rishikesh is basically a Hindu pilgrimage center with magnificent temple of deities. There is Trivani Ghat – where devotees take holy dip in Ganges water.

For the adventure hungers, there is a lot to soothe their nerve- From White Water Rafting to Rappelling and Kayaking!


Dictated as the place where the legendary Gautama Buddha first taught the Dharma, Sarnath is a major pilgrimage center.

You can call it a “monument city”, as from the periphery to the center; Sarnath is full of magnificent architectural masterpieces. Murals [wall paintings] are just visual treats!


Orchha will mainly appeal to the tourists who are interested in Ancient India and want to witness the magnificence of the country at that golden period. With Ram Raja Temple, Jahangir Mahal and Chaturbhuj Temple around, Orchha becomes noteworthy.

Abhanheri Village:

Popular for Chand Bawri step wells and Harshat Mata Temple, Abhanheri is a small village located in Rajasthan state. The city is now in ruins but attracts tourists from across the globe. To witness the local dance forms like Ghoomar, Kalbelia, and Bhawai abhanheri village is the best destination.


Located by the side of river Chambal, Kota is a superimposition of modern industrialization on medieval touch up. It is colorful land with magnificent forts and palaces. Major tourist attractions are Jal Mandir Palace, Rao Madho singh Musueum, city fort and Chambal Gardens.

Fatehpur Sikri:

It is one of the best preserved collections of Mughal architecture in India. The finest example is the Buland Darwaja which is stupendously made entrance gate to a mosque. You can also visit the Tomb of Salim Chisti which is a white marble encased tomb of Sufi saint Salim Chisti.

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